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dog seat belt
New Generation 2-in-1 Dog Seat Belt (Double hook)



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New Generation 2-in-1 Dog Seat Belt (Double hook)


👍 A NEW GENERATION OF 2 IN 1 – Not only have the basic function of the auto latch fixed buckle, you can also hook on the vehicle’s latch lever, hook can also let you put a dog without a seat belt buckle pickup or similar vehicles, whether or not to install the child safety seat in the car, our seat belts can normal work. This way you can put both your child and your pet in the back seat.

👍 ADJUSTABLE ELASTIC DESIGN – The cushioned elastic design on the harness protects your dog from sudden braking and cornering. Made of a durable nylon material, the safety belt is comfortable to the touch and does not rub the pet. The high quality zinc alloy clasp and clasp and 360° rotatable rust resistant climbing clasp prevent the car’s safety belt from tangling during driving and avoid choking hazards.

👍 ADJUSTABLE LENGTH – Whether your pet is a kitten or a dog, you can adjust the elastic seat belt to a suitable length according to the size of the dog. It can provide a comfortable degree of freedom according to the size of the dog. Fix it in the car and allow it to sit, stand or lie down comfortably in the car.

👍 SIMPLE STORAGE & EASY TO USE – Just buckle the black anti-rust hook on the pet’s chest harness, and then insert the seat belt bayonet into the vehicle seat belt latch, or you can buckle the safety hook on the back seat, easily disassembled or fixed.

⚠️ COMPATIBILITY AND ATTENTION – Dog harnesses are compatible with most vehicles. For the safety of pets, please do not fix the seat belt directly on the pet’s collar. It is recommended to use it with the pet’s chest harness instead of using a pet collar or allowing pets to chew the seat belt.

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Weight 0.12 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 5 × 3.5 in


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